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Finally something new and refreshing in the K-indie world! Heo Jee Young started her K-indie career with this song, “Fairysm Girl”. Her voice is soft and a bit childish and she sings perfectly. I’m looking forward to listen her other songs! I hope you’ll like it too.

Hard truths #357

It might be time to rethink some of your life choices when all the dudes on OkCupid that you have a match of 90% or above with sound like the most pretentious dickwaffles in the world. (I’m talking dudes that claim to be “dying” without their “record and hi-fi collection” and who list things like “being able to get the last word” in their 6 things they can’t live without section.)

WHERE DID I GO WRONG, UNIVERSE? WHERE?!? (…Maybe it was my use of the semi-colon? It’s not the penguins. It CAN’T be the penguins. Right?)


A penguin who was previously made a Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian Army has been knighted at Edinburgh Zoo.

Penguin Nils Olav has been an honorary member and mascot of the Norwegian King’s Guard since 1972.

Over the years, he has been promoted through the ranks after being adopted by Royal Guard who visited the zoo.

During the ceremony, Nils had a sword dubbed on each side of his head, where his shoulders should be, to confirm his regimental knighthood.

The proud penguin was on his best behavior throughout most of the ceremony, but shortly before the ritual was concluded and possibly suffering a bout of nerves he was seen to deposit a discreet white puddle on the ground.

Sir Nils Olav the penguin.

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For @clandestinejoys. Because penguin. 물논.

나 무서운 펭귄이야ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ